Dave – Athlete / Student

Own Time really helped me balance my life – giving me more time to train at a high level while still having time to study and spend time with my friends.

Thanks Own Time!


Monica – Mother

I was always really stressed and anxious about when I was going to get everything done – I finally have a schedule and a plan of attack each day. My stress has gone down, everyone in my family is happier and eating healthier and I am excited to see what else I can achieve in the next 6 months. Nick was so personable and easy to talk to that I always felt comfortable discussing my goals with him.

What I also really appreciate was how my program was completely tailored to my needs and wants. I have now started my own business with the time that I have saved using his methods. More importantly, Own Time has shown me how to get my happiness back and I am truly grateful. Thank you.


Thomas – CEO

I have run a company now for the past 8 years and from the outside looking in most people would say I live a pretty successful life. I drive nice cars, have a big house and have a great family. I have always thought of myself in a different way. In my head I am overweight, stressed and always under pressure. I don’t have time to eat better or exercise and I don’t have any time to spend with my family. By the time I get home there is no time left in the day. Sleep work sleep repeat. That was until I emailed Own Time.

After being a member of Own Time for 3 months, my life has done a complete 180. I have a plan for everyday, now spend at least 2 hours out of the day with my family, I go to the gym every morning and I am getting more sleep. I am a better, more efficient boss at work and my quarterly targets have already been smashed with 3 weeks remaining. More importantly I am happy. I have now been a member for 9 months and I am regularly having to update and set different goals to continue to see what is possible. Not only did Own Time give me the tools I needed to organise my life, but they kept me accountable on a daily basis and kept me honest enough to have the discipline to follow through. Thank you Own Time.


Sandra – Uni Student

Since using Own Time by grades have improved, my stress has gone down, I have more time to go to the gym and hang out with my friends, and I have been able to save more money. Own Time really works!


Lin – Mother / Business owner

Own Time has allowed me to see what is truly important in my life and where to focus my attention on. I am confident that with the plan I have now not only will I be able to achieve my professional goals with my business this year, but also have more time to spend with my young family. Own Time has helped me see what is possible.



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