The Coaching Process

Free Consultation

Here we see how we can help you. A free consultation either over the phone or via email to see what your goals are and what current challenges you are facing. We will then ask you to prepare a sample of your current routines as well as some goals you would like to achieve.


Here is where things get exciting! Although we would love to meet everyone in person more often than not this is on skype. Phone call or via email can be arranged as well if you prefer. Here we will sit down and discuss in more detail about what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it by. We will be able to diagnose which personality type you are in regards to goal achievement and figure out what will be the best method to achieve your goals. We will then analyse your current routines to see what needs to be changed. Through optimisation, elimination and organisation we will completely redesign your day to day routine so it will enable you to start ticking off goals you set. The goals you really care about.

Ongoing support

Depending on which package you purchase will determine the amount of personal ongoing support. From text messages, emails, hook up phone calls, meetings and free online material, we will be able to help remind you of new habits to be followed through, disciplines and ongoing motivation. We will continue to see how the new routine is coming along, any challenges you are facing and clarifying any areas of your new routine. Eventually, usually after the first few weeks, some habits will be completely engrained whilst others are taking more time. This is natural. Here we will adjust the program and make it a little easier to fit in some other aspects that we may feel needs more attention. We can also look at further improving current practices.

12 week follow up call

At this point your life will be changing at an ever increasing rate. As a result at this stage it is common to start resetting goals and making tougher heights to climb. Of course by adjusting the routines you have in place this is definitely achievable. Here we will discuss how everything went and get any feedback. Also we can discuss the next phase of the program. Members only!



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