Since we started using Own Time – our business has made a complete 180. Before our staff were overworked and overstressed, now they bound into work with energy and get the work done so much more efficiently than before. We are kicking goals and have Own Time to thank. I would highly recommend them.


Sales Manager

Since we hired Own Time earlier in the year, we have increased productivity 20%. Not only are our workers being more productive, but the surprising thing is that they all seem happier as well. Everyone is pumped to come in and beat personal bests, and we couldn’t have done it without Own Time.


State Manager

What I love about using Own Time is that not only do I get a plan of attack, but also the follow up and ongoing support to make sure that I am achieving what I set out to. My goals are being ticked off and I don’t know how I got by without Own Time. Thank you!


Real Estate

As I am on the board of several companies I don’t have the time to personally train staff. Own Time has allowed me to know my employees are developing and improving as both people and workers, while I can concentrate on other things.



Nick has the ability to take huge complex problems and break them down into simple daily actions. I don’t feel like there is anything that he couldn’t make seem really easy to accomplish.



The feedback from my team has been amazing – not only do their work goals get focussed on but also their personal goals, meaning they are growing in all aspects of their lives. It is the holistic approach that separates Own Time from the pack.




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